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Renato Neves

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Renato Neves is an assistant professor at University of Minho. One of his main foci is the development of reasoning tools, syntax, and semantics for cyber-physical systems, a highly interesting class of devices that intertwines different aspects of analysis, control theory, and computer science. Cyber-physical systems are a main ingredient in the 21st century’s technology, but even so they are still remarkably difficult to design and analyse in a systematic and disciplined way.

His other main focus is quantum computing. Specifically, the development of suitable (quantitative) semantics that, among other things, tracks the use of computational resources by a quantum program. Quantum computing is a computational paradigm with the potential to provide remarkable speedups to certain families of computational problems. However, quantum programs are still highly susceptible to noise (correlated with the use of certain computational resources) which hinders their application to real-world problems.

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